Vinh Phuc – A Province Has the Biggest Monolithic Gem Buddhist Statue Seated


Foundation more than 1,000 yeas ago, Tho Tang Village, now becomes Tho Tang Town, in Vinh Tuong District, Vinh Phuc Province, is well known by its having multi professions, excellent trade and it is also a diligent study Village. It is very this place, Tung Van pagoda built in the late Le dynasty (late XVII century) still preserve many precious objects such as brass bell,  brass-made musical instrument etc…and some statues made of terra cotta earth. Especially, there is a Sakyamuni statue dated nearly 300 ago. Tung Van pagoda is assorted by Ministry of Culture as a National historic relic in 1992. In 1998, the pagoda was restored and completed in 2010. In 2011, the pagoda was added one more item: Guan Yin storey making of ironwood and Thanh Hoa precious stone.

By the charitable heart extended to the pagoda, Tho Tang people look for a gem block with its weight is about 20 MT in Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province and sculpt the biggest statue in Viet Nam located in the Tung Van pagoda. After more than one year waiting for its Record news, on September 2011, leaders and people, and far and near Buddhists went to Tho Tang to receive the certification of the biggest monolithic gem Sakyamuni statue in Tung Van pagoda (recorded in Guinness Viet Nam). Pham Dan Que, a standing member of Guinness Viet Nam Center announced and handed over the certificate and Viet Nam Record badge to Venerable Thich Nguyen Cao, the pagoda keeper.

The monolithic gem was found in Yen Bai Province (it is well-known locality for precious stone) and transported to Tung Van pagoda in 2010. The discovery of the gem of approximately tens of metric tones without any stain makes surprise to the researchers and gem businesspersons. According to Venerable Thich Nguyen Cao when sawing, cutting, chiseling and sculpting this gem is very sophisticate. Each detail has to sculpt how to reflect the appearances of Buddhism (jutting out part) correctly with the description 32 excellent generals in Buddhism Ching. The statue looks quite polished, mild cool and very beautiful. All these characteristics come out from the blue color of the gem, the color quite close to Vietnamese people’s wishes of peace. After five months manipulating, the Sakyamuni statue completed including base and lotus support. The statue is 2.1m high, 1.2 m thick and four MT weigh in a monolithic sculpted according to the original statue of Sakyamuni made of terra cotta earth dated 300 years ago and put in Tung Van pagoda now. By the scrupulousness agglomerate with quintessence, confidentiality of the Vietnamese craftsmen, the Buddhists feel “the spirit” from the statue when worshipping.

Before being seated in Tung Van pagoda, the statue, in 2000, was transported to the Central Propagation of Faiths Seminar and to the Great Buddha Birthday organized in Thai Nguyen Province.                     


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