Vinh Phuc Tourism – Potential and Investment Opportunity


Potential for Tourism in Vinh Phuc

Its resources and potential for tourist development know Vinh Phuc. Due to in the Northeast of North Viet Nam, Vinh Phuc possesses a favorable geographical position for economic and services development. The national way No. 2; the railway Ha Noi – Lao Cai – Kunming (China); the highway Noi Bai – Lao – Kunming is under construction running through the Province will play an important part in enhancing the economic cooperation, cultural changes with the countries in Me Kong zone. In addition, Vinh Phuc is close to Noi Bai International Airport, one of the two biggest airports in Viet Nam, and to the beginning point of highway No.18 to Quang Ninh and to the seaports, which bring about the good conditions for economy and tourisim of Vinh Phuc to develop. Especially, Vinh Phuc is a neighborer of Ha Noi Capital – a political, economic and cultural center and Ha Noi also a great center of tourism of the country. Besides the transportation of road, railway as said above, Vinh Phuc has two bigger rivers and many other rivers running through. These rivers create good conditions for development of river tourism. The advantages of transportation are of great significance to develop tourism of the Province.

Vinh Phuc Province locates in a transition area between the plain and the inland of the North. By this topography, Vinh Phuc is endowed with many natural beauty spots. Tam Dao range has the ideal vacation; the lakes: Dai Lai, Bo Lac, Van Truc, Thanh Lanh, Xa Huong, Dam Vac, Dam Rung and some more are the precious resources of the Province. The stock gardens in Hai Luu Commune and Dao Tru Commune are the attractively ecological tourism, which are tightly close to the rural research tourism.

In the old days, Vinh Phuc was a province of Van Lang clan under Hung King. Van Lang was a main force to develop the nation at that time. Going through the rising and falling of the history, Vinh Phuc now has a system of tourism with a high value of human culture, such as Tay Thien natural beauty, Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen monastery, Truc Lam Tue Duc monastery, Co-Premier Tran Nguyen Han temple, Binh Son Tower-Vinh Khanh pagoda, Ha Tien pagoda, Huong Canh pagoda group, Tho Tang pagoda, Dong Dau archeology zone etc… Then, the traditional festivals (Tay Thien festival, Buffalo fighting festival, Thinh temple festival. The unique folk singing and folk dancing (Trong Quan, Soong Co and Sinh Ca …). The handicraft products, the professional villages (Huong Canh pottery, Thanh Lang wood, Hai Luu Stone making…). Out of these, Vinh Phuc has the special folk games and many delicious dishes…All these are an attractive locations for tourists far and near.

Planning for Tourism of Vinh Phuc Province

On June 6, 2011, Vinh Phuc People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1335/QĐ-UBND on approval of “Overall planning for tourist development to 2020, vision to 2030”. Accordingly, by 2015, Vinh Phuc tourism has to define clearly its development direction and create its specific image suitable to the provincial tourist potential. By 2020, tourism shall become a strong position in the provincial economic development; Vinh Phuc becomes a center of tourism, services of the region and of the country. Tourism shall diversify the tourist forms: ecological tourism, vacation tourism connecting with entertainment to meet the demand of the tourists in the seasons of the year and weekend tourism. Tourism of culture and spirit shall be paid attention to; model of tourism and visiting tour and seminars shall be developed; trade-mark of Vinh Phuc tourism bearing the specific characteristics must be created.

The planning points out to from five tourist groups (Vinh Yen-Tam Duong, Phuc Yen-Binh Xuyen, Yen Lac-Vinh Tuong, and Lap Thach-Song Lo). Tam Dao is a tourist location bearing the national and international significances. The tourist location bearing the region and the local significances are Dai Lai, Tay Thien natural beauty, Truc Lam monstery, Dam Vac, , Tho Tang-Tung Van pagodas, Tran Nguyen Han temple, Binh Son tower, Vinh Son snake village, Bich Chu wood commune, Huong Canh pottery, Dong Dau archeology zone . According to the approved planning of “Overall planning for tourist development to 2020, vision to 2030”, Vinh Phuc shall be in Red River Delta tourist and the Northeast coastal region, in the sub-region of the Capital, only Tam Dao tourism is one of 46 national tourism, which shall be invested in priority of USD 250 million during the period 2011 – 2030.

Based on the planning, the governments of districts, city and towns has its own plan for tourist development. Priority shall be given to the advantage localities.

Vinh Phuc always welcomes the tourist investors      

Vinh Phuc intensifies the tourist popularization and promotion to provide favourable conditions with entity and/or individual investor. The Province sshall mobilize every resource to improve the investment climate; available land to give the tourist investment projects. The Province will, step by step, invests in infrastructure, cultivating its tourist force, organize the tourist activities professionally meeting the ever growing need of the tourists. The Province will also try to exploit effectively the potential, advantages, natural beauty and tourist resources of human culture; enhance the linkage, cooperation with neighbor provinces, especially with the tourism developed provinces, to create a vigorous and sustainable development. Tourism must be defined that it shall be a spearhead economic branch and strive for building Vinh Phuc become one of the big tourist centers of the country.   

In the recent years, Vinh Phuc has prepared the planning and started to implement some tourist infrastructure projects by the State budget, focusing on the works of road, lighting, water supply and drainage system ans preparing the detailed planning for each tourist zone. The province firstly concentrates to the key tourist zone such as Tam Dao I and Tam Dao II; Tay Thien natural beauty vestige. It is needful to say that the ropeway, 2.5km long, has invested by Lac Hong JS Company, completed on March 7, 2012 which attract more tourists from far and near to come and visit. In Dai Lai, (Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is under construction of more items as the Dai Lai Paradise Resort Project) Dam Vac (South Dam Vac Ecological Project); Sang Son Mountain-Bo Lac Lake, Thanh Lanh Lake-Ban Long waterfall…

In addition, Government pays attention and care to Vinh Phuc for upgrading its tourist infrastructure. As a locality of hastening the industrial and services development, so Vinh Phuc will have a priority from the State in supporting to upgrade the infrastructure in general and tourism in particular. This is considered one of the most important factors to develop tourism. In fact, Vinh Phuc has received the assistance of tens of billions Vietnamese Dong. From the road going to Tam Dao through Dai Lai, Tay Thien are invested byy such assistance.

Together with the provincial economic development, the service and tourist bases are also invested both their quantity and their quality, such as banking system, hotel, vacation and entertainment places…all of these encourage the services more developed.

Vinh Phuc is a province with much potentials and advantages to develop tourism. Vinh Phuc possesses its natural landscape, people are industrious, creative and thirsty for knowledge. Vinh Phuc is determined to develop tourist economy to become a spearhead economy. To exploit the potential and promote the tourism to develop, Vinh Phuc continues to innovate strongly on every aspect. Vinh Phuc is sincere and ready to invite the investor, domestically or internationally, to Vinh Phuc for their investment. Vinh Phuc consider them as an important resources for its tourist development.

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