Conquering Tam Dao TV Broadcast Tower-an Interesting Trip


In summer, the heat, the busy life and the stuffy environment in the plain area make people think of some where for recreation with a fresh air and mild climate. Tam Dao mountain is the first place to come. Tam Dao is in the favorable place for visitors and tourists from every location to go to. Tam Dao welcomes hundreds of far and near tourists in summer time. In Tam Dao, tourists shall discover with pleasure the color of culture and enjoy the comfortable recreation. For cultural and spirit tourism, tourists can go and enjoy Cau temple, Co temple, Lord of Jungle temple and Giai Oan stream. These are the typical spots of cultural tourism and spirit tourism of the zone. More comfortable, tourists can go along the peaceful tracts with grass, trees and mild wind. Tourist should release into the nature to see the landscape, to think of the old villas constructed accordingly to the French architecture, which remain now traces and enjoy the clear atmosphere. Taking the special local products in the restaurants or in open-air market is very interesting, too. Amongst, there is one place that anyone, especially the youngs, when go to Tam Dao wish to go once and discover, to see with their own eyes and if so, let go to conquer Tam Dao TV broadcast tower.

Only hearing the story of building this tower is but interesting. To build this tower, the domestic and foreign experts have to study meticulously from the smallest item from the selection of location in the high mountain to build it for firm; method to erect the tower (crane or hand pushing up) and the height of the tower must stretches out of the trees on the top mountain. How transport and fix the hundreds of metric ton weight...After years of hard working, the tower is built and erected completely. The tower is more 100m high and erected on the top of the mountain with 1,200m above the sea level.

To reach the tower, you have to climb a lightly slope with 1394 stone stairs. It is not as difficult as Yen Tu or Huong pagoda but it is an interesting trip. Two sides of the stone slope are trees. You can take a rest while climbing to enjoy the mild air and listen to the low wind and birds singing.

At the tower, you can see a splendid beauty and you imagine that as if you were in a place to conquer the whole nature around. Everything becomes smaller and the most interesting is the chayote trellises with fat and fresh stalks. The fat and fresh chayote stalks is a symbol for sacrifices and hardships of the experts and stuff working there.

After having a comfortable moment in the height, you go down with nearly 1,400 stone stairs. You go and think of how useful “outdoor trip” you have made is!

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