Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc


 I was born in Vinh Phuc province where is called a “beautiful land and charming people”. Vinh Phuc, my native land has a famous Tam Dao. Tam Dao is considered as “Da Lat in the North”. People desire to go to Tam Dao to enjoy its romantic beautiful landscape

We shall leave the noisy and hurried life of the urban for having a trip to the zone full of poetry and legend. During the eager waiting time for a land of “waiting for a long”, I remember Le Quy Don’s writing of the old Tam Dao “come here three very high mountains suddenly appear, its green is sky-high. At the back of the imposing range, there are fresh and green trees, numerous whirlpools and water falls …(from the short literatures). Tam Dao now is much changes from the old. However, its original beauty is undamaged.

I stand in silence to look at the both roadsides, a new and strange impression rush into my eyes. They are the straight pine lines rising up with the wind creating sound like a melodious music performed by the forest. Going through the zigzag but cool roads, we arrive in Tam Dao beauty spot where is called “a huge air-conditioner”. Standing in Tam Dao, we can see the spotless white cloud grasping friendly the three very high mountains: Phu Nghia, Thach Ban and Thien Thi. From a distance, the three mountains look like three islands swinging in the wave of the endless stone and like bearing “the holy soul of Viet Nam land”. The cloud in the Tam Dao mountain always wanders halfway of the mountain, which surrounds the small town. The white cloud sticks to mountain, trees and to each pretty house. Due to such white cloud the small house when appear when disappear as a hi spy game. This is also a reason why people say “Tam Dao is a cloud sea”.        

Let temporarily forget the busy daily work to enjoy the landscape here. In one day in Tam Dao, I think to live in various moments of the four seasons a year. In the morning, the spring season cold rushes into my room, caresses the trees and human being. I stand still to listen the singing of different kinds of birds. I stretch my arms to touch the blur mist and think as if I strayed into the fairyland. When the cold passes, the sun appears. The first clear sunbeam in early morning illuminates on the amplexicaul tea flower, which make it to be more cheerful. It is noted here that, the summer season in the top of Thach Ban Mountain is not sultry, hot and muggy but warm enough for people to feel comfortably. This is also a dreaming temperature to have a bath in Bac (Silver) waterfall or any other streams. In the afternoon, we enjoy the mountain gentle breeze of the autumn time and see the yellow leave rotating gently in the breeze, suggesting us much poetic inspiration. When the night covers the small town, the cold as if groped and infiltrated to everything and every people. Sitting by the campfire, the silence of the night in the small town seems to be disappearing.

Tam Dao is not riotous and noisy but it is full of dear feeling. Spending a free moment to release our spirit to the mountain, to the tree, and cloud and sky in Tam Dao we will feel free and think of the old and far memory that hardly to return to our life as well as the expectation in our remaining period of life. I am in deep thinking, and the fragrance of the mountain flower reminds me to understand that I am now in Tam Dao. Tam Dao cloud looks like a white silk strip, slender and pliant.

Leaving Tam Dao for home, we are in deep affection and compassion as we regret to part the wonderful natural beauty endowed by the nature. Farwell Tam Dao. Farwell a cloudy, fogy zone and “a just awaken fairy”.

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