Tay Thien-an Astonished Beauty


After a sprinking rain, we come to the Buddhist land where containing many legends. Tay Thien- this name itself suggests the Buddhists and visitors from various places to go enjoying and aspiration. People go there with hundreds of kilometers with a purpose of – though one time in life – worshiping Tay Thien National Mother and seeing with their own eyes the legends, which have gone into the history.

It is now not an official festival days but people from every corner of the country pouring there. Streams of people go there following one another in the euphoria mood. We-the children of this land even astonish before Tay Thien beauty. Tay Thien is put a new dress, inheriting the tradition with the thought full of modernization. In front of us, there is a large and superb space. The area of Thong temple front is laid stone with entrance gate. The clean landscape makes the temple more imposing. On the one side, a great precious tower is on the point of completion. Completely this area shall be a spirit tourist complex.

Tourists and visitors now do not have to walk of about five km long to reach Thuong temple as before. They can go there by the telpher which invested in by Lac Hong JS company. Sitting in the carriage of the telpher, tourists can both enjoy the modern means of transportation and the beauty spot without much time and health. Nguyen Thi Hang, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City tells us “This is the first time I go to Tay Thien. Tay Thien is really a legend. Sitting in the carriage of the telpher, I feel as if I were in the paradise. I do go back to Tay Thien as I am very far from this place. This tour is of great significance!”. Nguyen Thi Tuc, a citizen of Duy Phien Commune, Tam Duong District shares “every year we go to Tay Thien. After every 15ht day of January lunar day, I join into a team to go worship there. It is very hard for us to go because we have to go on the steep and small tract to Thuong temple. Now we can go by telpher. It takes only some minutes to there. We feel quite happy to see the beautiful nature of Tay Thien, safety and healthy. How happy we are”.

The people and we are transported by the tramcars of Lac Hong Company from Thong temple. A young man in the polite dress leads us to the station. At the station, there are beautiful girls support us to the carriage and we start our trip. This is the first time Vinh Phuc possesses a modern ropeway. Dang Thi Nhu Quynh, a woman Director of Lac Hong Tay Thien JS Company (under Lac Hong JS Company) tells us “From the beginning of 2013 spring (Snake year) till now, we welcome 520,000 guests and our revenue is nearly VND 10 billion. Out of the 33 modern carriages of the ropeway with 2.5km long, we invest in 20 tramcars and 2 stations: one station is at Thong temple, another is at Cau temple. We have 65 staff. Our telpher is in good condition to serve the people during the day time”.

Coming into the carriage, we feel from astonishing then surprising because of the strange changes from Co Chin temple to Thuong temple of this relic complex. Stone lays all entrances. Shops arrange orderly, no asking with insistence and no troublesome as before. There is no fortuneteller, no cheating in game that often occurs in front of each temple. Hundreds of visitors and tourists go in good order. Team after team come in to worship sincere and solemn. This is a good traditional cultural festival. The change makes Tay Thien become different. This reflects the effort made by the local people and government. The senior Vu Van Vuong, a Thuong Temple keeper says “after 8 months of construction, the three storey  Holy Mother temple, Co Chin temple, Son Trang cavern and total inside items as: yard, yard for visitors worship, temple keeper houses, other things to serve the visitors to worship, houses for bronze in the left and in the right sides, water supply system, prevention and fighting fire system and other supporting items are completed.

It is really true because about one year before, when going to Thuong temple visitors and tourists find everything there to be disorder, the temple is going to be downgraded. By the attention and care from the Provincial Government, everything is much change. The temples are decorative brightly, sparkling of the cultural space. People say that Tay Thien comes in its true value and scale, and it is shining its existing value.     



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