A Day “Visiting the Buddhist and Coming back the Holy Mother”


The quality of tourists goes to Tay Thien beauty spot in Tam Dao District increased abnormally during last weeks. There are about 5,000 visitors to go there on an average and in Saturday and Sunday the figure is about 10,000 people. This is a great success that can open a new expectation of the tourism of Vinh Phuc Province.

In about fortnight to come to Tay Thien Festival (January 15 every Lunar year) but everyday there are around 5,000 to 10,000 visitors go there. Spring comes, Tay Thien spot as if it is covered by a new clothes making from beautiful forest flowers and the trees blossom new buds leaves. Besides the natural beauty, the new works have been constructing. 

Discovery of Tay Thien Beauty

Tam Dao is endowed by nature with an imposing beauty, mild and fresh climate, many kinds of forest flowers with motley colours and flavour smell. In Taam Dao range, there is a National Garden having total area of 34,995 ha, in which 26,163 ha is forest, most of this area is the primary forest, The vestige and beauty spot Tay Thien has an area of 148 ha, in the mountain side of Thach Ban forest, a part of Tam Dao range. Legend has it that, During Khuong Tang Hoi, an Indian Buddhist, in his long trip to the East, he found Tay Thien was a peaceful and elegant place, so he chose this place to pitch a hut for residence and Buddhist propaganda. This was also a location King Hung Chieu Vuong met Lang Thi Tieu, who becaame Hung King’s legal Queen and respected as Tay Thien National Mother.

Mr. Phan Van Phong, Head of the Propaganda and Instruction Board of Vinh Phuc’s Party Committee tells that: in order to maintain and promote the cultural value, our Province has concentrated to build the religious belief works, to make Tay Thien become a center of spirit tourist location. The location is a rendezvous between the Buddhist culture and the religion of National Mother Cult. This holy place really becomes an attractive place to attract tourists and visitors from every corner of the country to come all a year round, chiefly in the holidays or the days off or in the festival days. Going to Tay Thien not only satisfy our spirit tourism but also enjoy the splendid natural beauty, full of poetic of Tam Dao range, enjoy the fresh air, forest music which remove our tiredness and concern. 

Impressive Spirit Tourism

Standing at the foot of the mountain, we can see Tay Thien a large space with tens of the majestic religious and belief works heaving under the endless green of the forest. One of these works is Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery. This works started construction on April 4, 2004 and completed on November 25, 2005. The Monastery is located on the hill of 4.5 ha and the surrounding forest is about 50 ha, 300 m above the sea level. The works deeply bears itself a Viet Nam pagoda but modern architecture.

On the left side is a three-door temple gate leading to the Great Precious Tower of Tay Thien, where is the centre of the festival. The Great Precious Tower - an masterpiece of  architectural art of Kim Cuong Thua Buddhist – is under completion to welcome tourists and visitors at the Festival 2013. The Tower is three-storey constructed with 37 m high. According to the Buddhism, the Tower is of great significance because the Tower contains the enlightened heart of the Buddhist, expressing five tranquil substances (earth, water, wind, fire and air).

Thong Temple is “a gate” leading to Thuong temple historic relic. The current temple was constructed in 1998, on the old temple, in the form of “ting” Chinese character. The temple faces to the infinitive space. There exists a huge nine-root banian tree standing in front of the temple as a holy historic witness. Going up to Thuong temple you pass by Cau and Co Be temples. Cau temple is a place to seek wealth, luck, Godsend and longevity, and it is a place for the young to pray for a child and for good chances in love. People say that this temple originates from everlasting mountain creek, which make everyone to have the first best feeling on the way to come back to Tay Thien National Mother. From this temple, we go another more 2 km long to get Co temple. Legend has it that, Co Be is the Heaven’s daughter living with Tay Thien National Mother to help the people and the country. Next is Giai Oan stream and an ancient water well, where tourists often take its water to offer for worship then drink it for our feeling free and tranquil.

“To Give a Kiss of Life” Service

In order “to give a kiss of life” to tourist going up to Thuong temple, Lac Hong Investment JS Company constructed a telpher in 2012. It is the most leading one in the world. The telpher is running along with the very steep stream, so the tourists sit on the cabin while enjoying the particularly interesting natural landscape with the waterfall, stream, temples and pagoda merging in the endless mountains. The Company also asphalted a road leading to the telpher station with a length of 1.6 km, provided 20 street cars to serve tourists on the way “to go visiting the Buddhist and the National Mother”,

A tourist named Mr, Tran Van Soan coming from Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province said: “Tay Thien has changed much and satisfied the tourist by new works with high aesthetics. The works, supporting services items are in good conditions, reasonable price, good environmental hygiene. Going to Tay Thien beauty spot and Tam Dao recreation, we feel as we are in Da Lat. A day “visit the Buddhist and the National Mother” we have more awareness of the holy place” 


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