Unforgettable Dishes in Vinh Phuc Province


Trung pie with very sweet of molasses, bewitching Nang cake with bee wax color, Ngoa cake is likely to Troi cake …

Molasses Trung Pie in Vinh Tuong Dítrict

Trung pie bewitches people by its very sweet, light scented smell of ginger mixed into the very white rice pie and the scented smell of sesame inside the pie.

The pie is made in a simple way. Sticky rice shall be washed clean, soaked in water through a night, ground rice to very fine flour and dried, then handy pressed the wet flour into an ovoid shape. Molasses shall be mixed with drinkable water then boil it. When it is boiling, we drop pie by pie into the boiling water pot. When the molasses in the pot boiled, it means the pie is ready at that time. We then ladle out the pie to a plate, cover a thin boiled molasses and sprinkle a little roasted sesame over it. The pie is now ready for us to enjoy.

Nang and Roasted Gao cakes in Lap Thach.

These two cakes are made of sticky rice, but different in making.

For making Nang cake, the sticky rice shall be soaked in special charcoal ash water through a night. The ash is made from leaves of China tree, pomelo branch, sesame plant and some other suitable trees…The soaked rice shall be taken out and dries then packaged by the cane leaves. The cake shall be boiled from 5 to 6 hours.

To make the roasted cake, people use roasted rice and soak it in the ash water of some special plants as gardenia, sesame etc… in three days and nights. After that, take out the soaked roasted rice to steam it. When the steamed rice is ready, it shall be mixed with edible pig fat, spread and beat it in several hours until the rice becomes flatten. After that, the rice shall be dried again, mixed with the fat and put into a big pot to roast until it becomes risen. The molasses shall be boiled then pour the roasted rice into the boiled molasses pot and stir evenly then take it out to flatten on a tray and use a round wooden chunk to continue flatting until it is compacted. People use a sharp knife to cut it by piece and pack it by glazed paper for safety.

Gio Cake of Tay Dinh Village, Tam Hop Commune, Binh Xuyen District       

Gio cake or another name is Nang cake. To make it, people wash the sticky rice clean. When the washed rice dries, they soak it in the limewater in about 2 hours. After that, take out the rice and soak it in the ash water (ash is made from the plants as sesame, mistletoe etc…) in a night, take it out for dry.

The rice shall be packed by the cane leaves and boil it in three hours.

It is noted that during making the cake, no materials and tools get fat.

Ngoa Cake in Lung Ngoai Commune

Among the cakes making in Vinh Phuc Province, Ngoa cake is the most sophisticated and meticulous making.

To make it, people have to wash the glutinous rice clean, dry it and grind it into flour. The green bean is broken by two or three pieces, wash and dry. A portion of the bean flour shall be taken out to make soft green lentil cake. The remaining portion of the bean shall be dried until it gets deep yellow colour then it is ground to flour.

The glutinous rice flour shall be mixed with a little water to have soft flour then cut it by small piece, flat it and put a small piece of lentil cake in the middle of the cake then pack it. When the water boils, they drop the cake into that pot and wait until the cake floated to take each by each out of the pot and place them on the tray and turn around for it is penetrated as much the covered flour as possible.




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