San Diu Minority People to Welcome for Independent Day


Every year, on the second day of February, San Diu people in Dao Tru Commune, Tam Dao District jubilantly welcome this day with their hearts and feeling toward our Party and Uncle Ho.

We arrived Dao Tru Commune – where over 80% of the population is San Diu minority people – at the end of the August. The atmosphere to welcome the Independent Tet is animatedly. The national flags are hanged in the prominent places of each family. Every people hurry to complete the daily work to have a free rest and good time in the Independent Day.

Fretting with obsessive memories of the past Independent Tet, Mrs. Phan Thi Moi in Phan Ha hamlet said: “I still remember very well that the Independent Day under the collective economy was very merry and lively. On such Day, the Government set free slaughtering charge. The Cooperative butchered pigs then shared to cooperative member. The villagers were quite happy to call for each other and go to receive meat for eating at the Day. The atmosphere is as merry as that in the festival. The old and the young, male and female have a good chance to sing together the San Diu songs. We dressed the new and beautiful clothes to walk to Vinh Yen. Due to a far way, we had to walk from the previous night. We went to Minh Quang Commune, if anyone has the relatives, he/she could dropped to stay over night there, if not the group came on to sing, sing all the night and early morning next day, we continued to go.      

Now a days our life changes, we no need to go to the town in that Day. We can even enjoy the Tet atmosphere via TV or radio then call for each other to sing and have a change with our neighbors. We prepare tasty but habitual dishes of our ethnic for our children and ourselves, quite merry”.

Mrs. Moi has right words. The people’s life here has much changed. It is clearly seen when we stop at Go hamlet-a hamlet has many multi-storey buildings or red tile roofed  constructed, newly and closely together. Before this situation, there is no reason to think that this hamlet once upon a time had a very hard life. Now a days, not only to cultivate in their field but people here can work another jobs inter or outer the hamlet to earn money for their construction of various kind required. In this hamlet, the storey building is 30% of the total houses, no hunger household is found. Roads are placed concrete. Mr. Le Xuan Nguyet, head of Go hamlet told us: “60% of the inhabitants work far away, most of them work in the construction aspect. When Independent Day (September 2nd) comes, they come back their home. The atmosphere at these days is quite different from the normal days. The knowledge of our people increased, our people know how to read and how to write and have got information from different means, so our people understand the policy and orientation of the Government and the mobilization to do every work is easier”.   

Leaving Go hamlet for Dong Qua hamlet- a hamlet goes ahead of effective economic model-. Instead of the idle time as before, now people in the hamlet is busy with the work all day long. Ms. Chu Thi Thanh is quick with her hands to manure to each chili clump and said: “From the Farmers Union instructed how to plant chili, melon, green pumpkin etc…our women do not have free time. We cultivate while we plant such trees and take care of them. Although hard working, we still feel happy. Our life is as not insufficient as before. Last year we earned about VND 80 million profit from chili plantation. This year, we have seven Sao (each Sao = 360 m2) of chili that is going to harvest. Out of the money to pay to our children learning, we can accumulate a sum. Taking care of our children learning and our family well-to-do, I feel untold happiness then”.

Not only Dong Qua and Go hamlets mixing with the changed life of the Province but the appearance of the 13 remaining hamlets of the Commune change much. Mr. Lam Xuan Tien, Vice-Chairman of the Commune make a comparison “Before 1998, the shortage of food in 3, 4 months/year of Dao Tru people was popular. Dao Tru Commune is under the foot of Tam Dao range where on its top is the TV broadcasting tower but the people there do not know what a TV is, our economy is a self-sufficient one. The ratio of poverty is over 40%. Following the 135 program, specially a new typed rural program, the Commune is invested in road, electricity, school, health station and drinking water, house, the stimulation policy of agriculture stimulation, forestry, forestation etc…now everything becomes easier. We have a good road for travel and exchange goods to out side. Our material and spirit life increased. The poor now is only remains 17%. Due to the economy developed hence the Commune people can invest in construction of buildings, in learning of their children, over 99% of the children can go to school”.

Especially, in the program of new rural, Dao Tru has step by step overcome the difficulty and promote its potentials, advantage to develop its economy. The organization forms of production of the Commune proved effectiveness. The rearing farm model brings about the high economic standard. Some enterprises operate in transportation, business employ many a labors with stable salary.  The Commune people actively change the production structure, paying more attention to the high valuable trees as chili, melon, chayote etc…. Only the first 6 months of 2013, total budget collection of the Commune achieves nearly VND 3 billion, average income per capita is VND 3.5 million, increased by VND 250,000. Average income of agriculture achieves VND 27 million/ha, VND 2 million increased as that of the same last period.            

“Economy developed, San Diu ethnic people welcome the Independent Day more and more heartening. In the meal of the Day, children and relatives and neighbors are gathered. They happily talk and sip and enjoy the special dishes originated from the very old days. Time passed but the fine cultural characteristic of the people here are kept forever. This is also a teaching method of San Diu people about remembering the source of San Diu people”, he shared.

                                                                                               Bich Hang  


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