Specific measures on investment attraction and enterprise support


On 2016/12/12, Vinh Phuc province issued Resolution No. 57/2016 / NQ-HĐND on specific measures to attract investment and support the development of enterprises in the province.

According to the Resolution, specific regulations are applicable to domestic, foreign investors, foreign-invested economic organizations and businesses in Vinh Phuc province. Investors when carrying out projects in the area, in addition to preferential policies under the current law, shall be entitled to the support under this Resolution, as follows:

1. On land

Compensation, land clearance: The State recovers land as planned; support clean clearance for key projects, the support level shall not be exceeded 15% according to the compensation and ground clearance plans already approved by the competent bodies. The provincial budget supports 100% of the cost for coercive measures under the decision on land acquisition and protection of construction.

For FDI projects in the socialization fields as education, healthcare, culture, the state budget shall support ground clearance compensation and apply as a domestic project (after getting approval from the Prime Minister).

2. On Planning

The provincial budget supports the costs on dossier preparation, site introduction procedures, and detailed planning of 1/500 of projects in the field of provincial investment promotion;

3. Support the construction of technical infrastructure inside and outside the fence of industrial zones

a. To build technical infrastructure in the industrial park using the state budget for Ba Thien industrial zone (after obtaining approval of the Prime Minister): the State budget shall be allocated a part of capital for investment to complete the construction of industrial park infrastructure in each period; collect the infrastructure payment of investor to repay the capital from the state budget; the provincial People's Committee shall decide on land rent rates according to current regulations.

b. Support infrastructure leasing prices for secondary investors in industrial parks invested with non-budgetary capital.

c. About technical assistance outside the fence of industrial parks, urban areas, service centers large scale (Project) in the province.

Annually, based on the projects  in industrial parks, urban centers and large-scale service centers in the province, which are included in the lists and plannings already approved by competent agencies, Vinh Phuc will allocate budget for construction of traffic roads to the fence, making the minimum satisfaction on the traffic connection convenience for the projects.

4. Assist enterprises in training and attracting high quality human resources.

5. Support enterprises manufacturing supportive industry products in the province.

6. Support advertising expenses on the mass media of the province for projects in the fields of investment encouragement.

7. Support expenses for compiling dossiers of application for FDI projects in the field of investment encouragement in the provinces.

8. Support the cost of making EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) reports for FDI in the field of investment promotion of the province.



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