Vinh Phuc General Practice Hospital



1. Location:  Quat Luu Commune, Binh Xuyen Dist., Vinh Phuc Province.

2. Current situation: Current hospital over loaded, located in the center of the city, small scale, infrastructure not meet the demand of services.

3. Target and scale:

-  Target: Buid up a new Vinh Phuc general practice hospital in 2015.

To serve high quality hospitality services; citizen ables to approach modern healthcare services; healthcare services for foreign experts, foreigner, high income people;

 - Scale: Construct Area is 7.9 ha; with 800 Hospital beds. Total floor area is 82,710 m2­. Main buildings: integrated building heigh 15 floors with total floor area of 82,710m2.

- Supporting items: Scrape foundation, interal tranportation system, waste water, medical waste treatment system, lighting system, equipment, etc. Equipment: Modern medical equipment, in syn with the main building according to the standard of Vietnam.

4. Estimated Investment Capital:  about USD 92.4 million

5. Project owner: Provincial Department of Healthcare

6. Current Project condition: Calling for investor

7. Proposed implementing duration: VPPC issued the Decision on Location and options of compensate and land clearance. The Project complete land clearance and compensate in general. Period 2013 – 2014: Implementing Project preparation activities; Period 2014-2018:  Construct of basic construction items; purchase equipment and put into services.

8. Type of Investment: BT, ODA, joint-venture or 100% private sector.

9. Preferential policy: 04 (four) years exemption from corperate income tax, since generating taxable imcome and shall be entiled to a 50% reduction of the amount of corporate income tax payable for a maximum period of 05  subsequent years and Preferential corperate income tax shall be applied 10% during operation of the project.  Individual income tax: Vietnamese and foreign employers shall be entiled to be a 50% reduction for taxable income. Investors are offered preferential import tax for imported goods to construct the project according to the regulation of  Import-Export Tax Law.

10. Commitment from Vinh Phuc People’s Committee: Hand over clear land to investor. Supply electricity, clean water, telecommunication to the fence of the project; Assure the construction of technical infrastructure to the fense of Enterprisesl; support to recruit suitable labors for the project; Solving administrative procedure through one – stop mechanism, one nodal point, maximum capacity to support investors during implemnting projects.

11. Procedure: Investor submit Proposal profile for the project to the authorise Department to be considered, approved. Investors prepare Project profile (include Report of Environmental impact assessment), VPPC shall issue Investment Certificate; VPPC shall carry out compensation, clearance land and hand over to the investor. Investor implements the construction of the project



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