Construction of Dong Van Industrial Cluster


1. Location: Dong Van Commune, Yen Lac Dist., Vinh Phuc province

2. Current situation: Total planning area of 26.5 ha. At the moment, compensate and land clearance have finish 60% of total area. Construction of infrastructure had complete scrape section and bases of transportation road on the cleared land; finish construction of electricity substation and medium voltage  line to the electric power supply; implementing sewage and waste water treatment system.

3.  Target and scale:

Target: investment for construction of industrial complex for centralized production, and meet technical requirements on infrastructure, meet standards to the most to satisfy the requirements of investors.

Scales: Construction area following the approved planning: 26.5ha where factories of 400 m2; 600m2; 800m2; 1100 m2 (administration house with 2 floors) in total area of around 154,187m2. Accounts for 58.2%; with green trees, regulation lakes; technical utilities area and administration house in combination with restaurant, showroom.

4. Estimated Investment Capital: VND 197.6 billion (equivalent to USD 9.36 million)

5. Project owner: The Provincial Department of Planning and Investment

6. Current project condition: Calling for investment to complete.

7. Proposed implementing duration:   in the progress of revise detail planning with scale of 1/500.

8. Type of Investment: BT, joint-venture or 100% private capital.

9.  Preferential policy:

1. Land rental cost:  Investor is exempted from land rental charge during construction period, exemption from land rental in 11 years since completion date of construction and commences operation;

- Land rental rate = 0.75% (the lowest land rental rate) x land price.

- Land rental cost is maintained stable in 05 years.          

2. Tax policy:

- Personal income tax: Vietnamese people and foreigner who work in the Project is deducted 50% of income tax to imposable income person;

- Investor receives preferential on import tax for imported goods for project construction in compliance with the Law on export, import tax.

3. Preferential offered by the province:

- For investor of infrastructure, investor will receive the following support in their operation of construction, business, and infrastructure business in the province:

- Support for 100% of cost: prepare EIA report on industrial infrastructure project; prepare the planning in scale 1/500 for IP; bomb detection and disposal in IP.

- Support in technical work items inside the IP fence such as: waste collection system, centralized wastewater treatment to meet the required standards in terms of scale, area.

10. Commitment from Vinh Phuc People’s Committee:  Hand over clear land to investor. Supply electricity, clean water, telecommunication to the fence of the project; Assure the construction of technical infrastructure to the fence of Enterprises; support to recruit suitable labors for the project; Solving administrative procedure through one – stop mechanism, one nodal point, maximum capacity to support investors during implementing projects.

11. Procedure: Investor submit Proposal profile for the project to the authorize Department to be considered, approved. Investors prepare Project profile (include Report of Environmental impact assessment), VPPC shall issue Investment Certificate; VPPC shall carry out compensation, clearance land and hand over to the investor. Investor implements the construction of the project.


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