The Project on renovating and upgrading provincial road (PR) 309B, the section from National Highway (NH) 2B to PR. 309


1. Investment objective: In order to gradually improve Vinh Phuc's urban infrastructure under the approved D2 subdivision planning to concretize the general planning of Vinh Phuc urban area till 2030 and the vision of 2050 already approved by the Prime Minister. Promote goods trade and contribute to improve the life, economic and cultural development of Tam Duong district in particular and Vinh Phuc province in general.

2. Investment scale: The route has an estimated length of L = 6.6Km, the first point of intersection with PR.309 at Km14 + 631, the final point at the intersection with NH2B at Km6 + 850.

The route is designed with an urban road scale with a designed speed of 60 Km / h according to TCVN 104 - 2007.

- The width of road surface is 10.5m of the whole route. In which: sections in the design residential area Bpavement = 2x1.5m. Particularly, the section from Km1 + 300 to Km1 + 500 (through the center of Kim Long commune) will design reinforced concrete grooves on both sides of the road surface, so as to limit the clearance of firm houses. The sections outside the residential area have sufficient clearance of 19.5m; curbside design 2x0.75m.

- Road surface: The structure of asphalt surface is tight, ensuring Eyc≥140 Mpa.

- Roadbed level III, K95, K98 consolidation.

- Vertical drainage: At the section running through the residential areas, a vertical groove system B60 will be built in combination with collection pits and reinforced concrete slabs. The section outside the residential area is designed to be trapezoidal.

- Horizontal drainage: The design of connection at the old horizontal drain locations also ensures the aperture and quality, the position of the drain does not guarantee the new construction design. Design of connecting existing box culvert via irrigation canal at the intersection position with PR.309; constructing 2x (3x3) box culverts at the position of the old village bridge through irrigation channel.

- The traffic safety system is designed in a uniform manner according to the national technical regulation on road signs, QCVN 41: 2016 / BGTVT.

- Design and construct new electric lighting items for the section from Km2 + 800 to the end of the route with a length of about 3.8 km. Centrifugal concrete electric poles combined with low-voltage power lines are installed on one side of the route, need single lights, a distance of 30-50m / column.

- Moving about 6 positions of medium voltage lines, 60 positions of low voltage lines on the old H-pillar system no longer ensure safety for service of construction ground clearance.

3. Project group: Group B proect

4. Total investment: VND 190.6 billion

5. Investment capital sources: The capital source of medium-term public investment plan for the 2016-2020 period.

6. Construction position: Tam Duong district, Vinh Phuc province.

7. Project implementation time and progress: 2019 - 2021.

 (According to the Resolution of the Vinh Phuc People's Council Session XVI,
the 13th session approved on October 23rd, 2019)