The project on Tam Hong urban road, the section from the provincial road (PR) 305 (Lam Xuyen village) to PR.304 (Binh Lam village), Yen Lac district


1. Investment objective: Completing the roads according to the approved planning, connecting regions in the district and surrounding areas, contributing to promote the socio-economic development of the locality and simultaneously speeding up the urban development of Tam Hong commune in accordance with the approved urban planning.

2. Investment scale:

- Starting point: At point D0, the intersection with PR.305 at Km1 + 950, located in Lam Xuyen village, Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district.

- End point: At point D3, the intersection with PR.304 at Km12 + 700, located in Binh Lam village, Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district.

- Invest in ½ right section of the route as planned with expected cross section parameters: Bbackground = 12m; in which Bsurface = 10.25m; Bmargin = 0.875mx2 = 1.75m.

- Embankment: Before the embankment is built, organic excavation is conducted, then C3 landfilling and K95 consolidation.

- Pavement structure in this period ensures Eyc> = 140Mpa.

- Drainage system :

Vertical drainage: Along the route of digging and returning ditches for agricultural irrigation.

Horizontal drainage: Synchronous design based on specific survey data in the next step.

- Traffic safety system (road signs, road markings) is designed uniformly along the entire route according to the national technical regulation on road signals QCVN41: 2016/BGTVT

3. Project group: Group B

4. Total investment of the project: VND 82,800 million.

5. Investment capital sources:

- Provincial budget capital: From the capital of the medium-term public investment plan for the 2016-2020 period is VND 51,000 million

- Yen Lac district budget: VND 31,800 million

6. Project location: Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district.

7. Implementation time and progress: 2019-2022.

 (According to the Resolution of the Vinh Phuc People's Council Session XVI,
13th session, adopted on October 23rd, 2019)