The Project on investing and constructing North-South axis road of Vinh Phuc urban area (The section from NH2A bypassing Vinh Yen city to Ring road 3)


1. Investment objectives:

- Connecting traffic between the main roads of the province such as: Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway, NH2B, Kim Ngoc road, parallel railway, Dam Vac bridge, QL2, ring road 3 connecting to the left bank of the Red River and Van Phuc bridge to Hanoi.

- Connecting tourist, service and urban areas such as: Tam Dao tourist area, Tay Thien, Red River Capital, Vinh Yen city center, North Dam Vac urban area, Sau Vo urban area... promote socio-economic development of the province in general and the Southern region in particular.

- Forming a road connecting the areas supplying agricultural products of Vinh Phuc province to Hanoi city and neighboring provinces. In addition, the North-South axis road of Vinh Phuc urban area will connect key national tourist areas such as Hung Temple, Tan Trao, Nui Coc lake, Tam Dao, Ba Vi, Huong Pagoda ... in accordance with Resolution No. 08 of the Politburo on developing tourism to a key economic sector.

2. Investment scale:

- The route length is about L = 6.2km: The starting point intersects with NH2 bypassing Vinh Yen; the end point intersects with the ring road 3. Of which the section coincides with the ring road of Yen Lac district with a length of about 1.0 km. The basic route according to the approved zoning B1 and B2 subdivisions.

- Investment in projects with the scale Bbackground = 27m; Bsurface = 2x11.5m; Bmargins = 2x1.0m; BDPC = 2.0m.

3. Project group: Group B, grade II transport works.

4. Total investment of the project: VND 553 billion.

5. Investment capital sources:

- From the capital source of public investment plan for the period of 2016-2020: 150,000 million dong

- From the planned public investment capital in the 2021-2025 period: VND 403,000 million.

6. Project location: Vinh Yen city, Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc province.

7. Implementation time and progress: 2019-2023.

 (According to the Resolution of the Vinh Phuc People's Council session XVI,
13th session, adopted on October 23, 2019).