The Project on the main road of Yen Lac district, the section from NH2 bypassing Vinh Yen city (Hoi Hop ward, Vinh Yen city) to provincial road (PR) 303 (Te Lo commune, Yen Lac district)


1. Investment objective: Complete the roads according to the approved planning, create a premise to form urban areas, urban residential areas, public works and industrial complexes along both sides of the route as planned and connecting regions in the district and surrounding areas, contributing to promote the socio-economic development of the locality.

2. Investment scale:

- Starting point: Crossing with NH2 to avoid Vinh Yen city (at the process of Km7 + 970);

- Ending point: Crossing with PR.303, Yen Lac district (process Km14 + 00);

- Route length: L = 3.2 km.

- The project scale expected to be invested in this period is as follows:

+ Investment project with scale background = 36,5m:

+ Specifications of cross-sections expected to be built in this period:

Width of road background: Bbackground = 36.5m;

Width of road surface: Bsurface = 2x7.5m = 15m;

Road-side width: Bpavement = 2x0.5m = 1.0m;

Width of the median strip: BDPC = 20.5 m;

+ Expected road surface structure: The surface of asphalt concrete ensures Eyc≥155Mpa including layers:

12.5-cm thick asphalt concrete;

Tight asphalt 19 thick 7 cm;

Stabilized aggregate base course type 2 is 18 cm thick;

Stabilized aggregate base course grade is 36 cm thick;

K98 layer is 30 cm thick;

+ Bridge item: Newly construct Phan river bridge, prestressed reinforced concrete girder I bridge span length L = 2 * 24m, design 2 separate bridges with the width of each bridge expected to be built in this period is B = 13.25m (Bsurface= 10.5m, Bpavement = 2.25m, Bbanister = 0.5m).

+ Drainage system: Design of uniform construction based on specific survey data in the next step.

+ Middle divider system: Curb median strips between reinforced concrete with grade 250 of size 100x45x20cm. Cover organic strip with soil (using organic soil to dig the roadbed); plant grass in the median strip.

+ Traffic safety system: Synchronously design along the entire route according to the national technical regulation on road signs, QCVN41: 2016/BGTVT.

3. Project group: Group B, field of transportation.

4. Total investment of the project: VND 248,000 million.

5. Investment capital sources:

- Provincial budget: From the provincial-level budget expenditure saving source in 2018, the source transferred to 2019 will be VND 190,000 million;

- District budget: From the public investment capital of Yen Lac district is VND 58,000 million.

6. Project location: Yen Lac district, Vinh Yen city.

7. Implementation time and progress: From 2019-2023.      

 (According to the Resolution of the Vinh Phuc People's Council Session XVI,
 13th session, adopted on October 23, 2019)