Position of mandatory content on goods labels


In Circular 05/2019 / TT-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology detailing the implementation of a number of articles of Decree 43/2017 / NĐ-CP on April 14, 2017 on goods labels, the Ministry of Science and Technology has clearly specified the regulations on the position of compulsory content on goods labels.

Accordingly, the contents required to be inscribed on the goods labels do not need to be concentrated on the label, may be written on other locations of the goods, ensuring that the observation can be easily and completely identified but Do not disassemble the details, the parts of goods. These mandatory contents are part of the trademark.

For example: The number of the motorcycle frame is stamped on the chassis or the Vin number of the car engraved directly on the body of the vehicle, though not in the same position as other compulsory contents, but in an identifiable position, no need to disassemble the details, this content is part of the trademark.

The date of manufacture, expiry date, or quantity of the goods pre-printed on the bottom or body of the bottle, which are not in the same position as other contents on the label printed on the label but are still easily identifiable, this content is part of the goods label.

According to the Circular, if the goods on the market include both outside packaging and not sold separately for small goods units with direct packaging inside, they must be labelled on the outer packaging.

For goods on the market that contain both outer packages and at the same time separate retail units of small goods with direct packaging inside, such labels must be fully labelled for both outer and direct packaging.

For example: A coffee box includes many small packages of coffee inside: In case the whole box of coffee is sold without retailing of small coffee packages, the whole label must be fully labelled; in case of selling whole coffee boxes and simultaneously separating retailing of small inner coffee packages, it must be fully labelled for both coffee boxes and small inner coffee packages; In the case of a carton box with full labels on it, which can be opened to view the carton boxes, there is no need to label them.

Where transparent outer packaging can be observed with internal product labelling, the labelling for outer packaging is not required.

This Circular takes effect from January 1, 2021. Encourage organizations, individuals and enterprises to apply the provisions of this Circular before the effective date.

Source: chinhphu.vn

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