Reduce business registration fee from September 20, 2019


According to Circular No. 47/2019 / TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Finance regulating the rates, collection, remittance, management and use of enterprise information provision fees, enterprise registration fees, from September 20, 2019, a number of business registration fees will be significantly reduced compared to the current regulations.

Specifically, the fee rates for enterprise registration (including: Newly issuing, re-issuing, changing contents of enterprise registration certificates and operation registration certificates of branches, representative offices, and locations business activities) applied from September 20, 2019 is 50,000 VND / time.

Currently, according to the provisions of Circular 130/2017/TT-BTC, the fee for enterprise registration, change of business registration, re-issuance of enterprise registration certificate is 100,000 VND / time. Thus, from September 20, 2019, the fee is reduced by up to 50%.

At the same time, Circular 47/2019/TT-BTC also stipulates a reduction of the fee for publication of business registration content to 100,000 VND / time, instead of the current fee of 300,000 VND.

In addition, Circular 47 also states that there are 5 subjects who are exempted from fees and charges, including: 1. Enterprises supplementing and changing information due to administrative boundary changes are exempt from enterprise registration fee and fee for publishing business registration content; 2. Registration of enterprise dissolution, temporary cessation of business; terminate operation of branches, representative offices, business locations exempt from enterprise registration fee; 3. Enterprises that conduct online enterprise registration are exempt from enterprise registration fees; 4. State agencies requesting to provide information in service of state management are provided free of charge with enterprise information; 5. SMEs which are converted from business households shall be exempt from enterprise registration fee and the first-time information-provisioning fee.

Circular No. 47/2019 / TT-BTC takes effect from September 20, 2019.


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