Consulting support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


The Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Circular 06/2019 / TT-BKHDT guiding the organization and operation regulations of the network of consultants, providing consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises through the consultant network.

The Circular states that information about the consultant network includes: names of consulting organizations and individuals; The registration number and the profile of the consultant are published on the websites of the ministries and ministerial-level agencies with the network of consultants and the National Portal supporting SMEs according to regulations at the Decree No. 39/2018 / NĐ-CP of the Government detailing a number of articles of the Law on supporting SMEs.

Based on the information on the network of consultants posted at the National Portal for supporting SMEs, the website of Ministries, ministerial-level agencies, SMEs select, access, negotiate and sign consulting service agreements with individuals and organizations under the advisory network.

Based on the assigned tasks and funding for consultancy, agencies and organizations supporting SMEs under ministries, ministerial-level agencies and provincial-level People's Committees shall guide and organize the receipt of dossiers of request for supporting SMEs. The information about the subjects, time and place to receive the request for consultancy support must be published publicly on the website of the small and medium-sized enterprise support unit and the National Portal on supporting SMEs.

Approve advisory support

SMEs support units shall consider and approve dossiers of application for consultancy support on the following criteria: Small and medium-sized enterprises meet the criteria specified in Article 6 of Decree No. 39/2018 / NĐ-CP of the Government detailing a number of articles of the Law on Supporting SMEs; The proposed funding is in line with the support level specified in Article 13 of the Government's Decree 39/2018 / NĐ-CP detailing a number of articles of the Law on Supporting SMEs...

The decision approving consultancy support SMEs clearly states the support level, duration of support, amount of exemption, reduction of consultancy fee of consultancy contract.

Within 10 working days from the date of approval of consultancy support, SME support units shall publish information about consultancy support on their websites and National portal.

Based on the decision on approving consultancy support, SMEs shall sign, organize the implementation, pre-acceptance test, liquidation and payment of all consultancy contract expenses; at the same time, requesting the support unit for small and medium-sized enterprises to refund the exempted and reduced consulting fees according to the approval decision

This Circular takes effect from May 12, 2019.


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