Change the level of support for trade promotion activities


The Prime Minister signed Decision No. 12/2019/QĐ-TTg amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Regulation on building, managing and implementing the National Trade Promotion Program promulgated together with Decision No. 72/2010/QĐ-TTg dated November 15, 2010.

Specifically, Decision 12/2019/QĐ-TTg amended the support level for trade promotion activities.

Accordingly, the maximum support level of 100% applies to trade promotion activities for foreign trade development supported by the National Program on Trade Promotion.

The 100% support level also applies to the contents of trade promotion programs for mountainous areas, borders and islands and a number of contents of trade promotion programs for domestic markets (including: Investigations and surveys), researching domestic markets; building a database of important and essential commodities; researching and developing distribution systems, commercial infrastructure; publications to disseminate survey results, surveying and disseminating laws, customs, purchasing habits; propagating and raising public awareness about Vietnamese goods and services to domestic consumers through media activities on paper and newspaper electronics, radio, television, publications and other forms of information dissemination; short-term training and technical training entrepreneurial skills, retail network organization; support the participation in short-term specialized training courses for enterprises operating in specific industries; training skills to develop the domestic market for host units; cooperate with organizations and individuals to study and develop programs to develop domestic markets).

The 70% support level applies to the organization of sales activities: implementation of programs to bring Vietnamese products to rural areas, industrial parks and urban areas through enterprises operating in goods and cooperatives, cooperative groups providing services in the area under projects already approved by competent authorities.

The 50% support level is applied for the following contents: Organization of fairs, exhibitions of general consumer goods or supplies, machinery and equipment for rural agricultural development, introduction of business products Vietnamese businesses to consumers according to the appropriate size for each locality; Support the planning, management and operation of commercial infrastructure; Organizing general trade promotion events for the domestic market: the promotion month, the week of "Vietnamese goods", the "Vietnamese goods" program, the introduction of new products and voting for favorite Vietnamese products monthly, quarterly and yearly according to the projects approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade.

In addition, funding support for people of the unit leading the delegation to carry out the organization of activities of organizing, participating in trade fairs abroad and organizing the survey team markets, transactions with organizations and enterprises in foreign countries: Supporting working-trip allowances for 1 person of the unit in charge of measurement according to a delegation to perform organizing tasks for groups of less than 8 enterprises, supporting 2 people for groups with 8-15 businesses, supporting 3 for groups with 16-30 businesses, and 4 for groups with 31-50 businesses and 5 people for groups of 51 or more enterprises.


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