Introduction to Vinh Phuc province


Vinh Phuc is a province of the Northern key economic zone, a gateway to the capital, close to the NoiBai international airport, a bridge connecting the North-Western provinces with Hanoi and Red river delta. Therefore, Vinh Phuc plays a very important role in the national and regional economic development strategy.

Vinh Phuc province was established basically by merging Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen provinces in 1950, then merging Phu Tho province to be Vinh Phu province in 1968. On Jan 01, 1997, Vinh Phuc province was re-established. By implementing the Party and State policy on enlarging the administrative geography of Hanoi city, whole Melinh district belonging to Vinh Phuc province was transferred to Hanoi city since August 01, 1997.

Now Vinh Phuc province has the natural land area of 1.231 km2, is bordered to the North by Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang provinces, to the west by Phu Tho province, to the south by Hanoi, to the east by 2 districts: Soc Son and Dong Anh of Hanoi city. In 2013, total population is 1.027.000 inhabitants with 7 ethnic groups including: Kinh, San Diu, Nung, Dao, Cao Lan. Muong. The province has 9 administrative units: 1 city, 1 town and 7 districts; 137 communes, wards and town-lets.

Being a province with the depth of the revolutionary and patriotic tradition, it is also upheld and developed in manufacturing and fighting. Under the leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party, names of many villages and people in Vinh phuc province with their heroic deeds were known from all over the country, such as Khoan Bo, Xuan Trach, Nui Dinh (Dinh mount) victories, Nguyen Viet Xuan martyr-hero with his immortal statement: “Please aim straightly at our enemy to shoot”. Vinh Phuc province is also known as the innovation origin of the rural-agricultural management thought with the daring method named: “khoan ho” (household-contracting) at the end of 1960s, 1970s of the 20th century, which was the breakthrough step creating the real basement on innovating our Party’s management mechanism of agricultural economy, rural areas and peasantry afterwards.

By implementing the Party’s innovation policy, the provincial committee and people of Vinh Phuc province strived and overcame a lot of difficulties and challenges, took an advantages of an opportunity,  upheld their advantages, especially after 15 years of re-establishment, 4 terms of congress (XII, XIII, XIV, XV), under the direction of Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People Committee, Vinh Phuc province achieved a lot of the proud and great successes.

From the location specializing in agriculture, Vinh Phuc became the province with the great value of industrial production, a leading center of car and motorbike production in the Northern key economic zone and in the country. Technical infrastructure system was invested, upgraded modernly. The fields of education, health, culture and communication had many changes; Defense security was intensified, social safety and order were held strictly; On an average, the economic growth gained 17,24%/year; Budget collection increased fast, from 100 billion vnd in 1997 up to 18.596 billion vnd in 2013.

About industry development, the province has applied the breakthrough development solutions, from a province with 1 industrial zone up to 20 ones hitherto with scale of 6.000 ha, accumulatively till 2013, attracted 675 valid investment projects, in which many big corporations came to invested at the province. The human resource of Vinh Phuc province is abundant, accounting for over 60% provincial population, who are mainly young people with knowledge, education and creative spirit to acquire the advanced technique and technology. The strong economic development over the last few years, especially industry, has been created the environment of improving skills of employees.

The work of planning, constructing infrastructure, developing urban and new rural areas has been cared, directed and got a lot of changes. In 2011, province made 43 general plans of social-economic development and plans of career, field development. Now, there are 35 projects of urban areas and urban function with total planned land area of 2.227 ha. In 2013, province implemented planning 11 subdivisions followed the list of sub-region plans- general urban plan of Vinh Phuc province; establishing 3 construction plans of the northern, southern and western  urban function area of Vinh Phuc province under the provincial area construction plan as a base for implementing the detailed plan of urban function areas.

The fields of education, population, employment and poverty decrease, health and health-care for people, other social-cultural activities also got achievements, which had an important part in developing stably, enhancing gradually the people’s spirit and physical life. Till the end of year 2013, the rate of the poor households was 5%; the rate of trained employees gained 59%; the rate of the malnourished children under 5 years of ages still was 11,9%; the number of doctors per ten thousand people achieved 7,5 persons; the number of employees who were introduced jobs reached over 20 thousand people. By implementing the new rural construction program, the province got the good results, which brought Vinh Phuc to become the leading province of achievement rate (17,86%) and the second province after Hanoi about number of communes getting the new rural standard.

Vinh Phuc is very potential about the natural, travel resources and human culture. Vinh Phuc people are always proud of traditions of fighting, founding and defending our country with the splendid culture. Up to now, Vinh Phuc has been bearing strongly the hallmark of Hung Vuong and Thang Long, Kinh Bac culture, of the special folk culture, the competition-examinations with social life and moral standards which have been always conserved and promoted. In Vinh Phuc province, there’s a group of the famous natural landscape and sights, such as: Tam Dao national forest, Ban Long fall, Dai Lai lake, Lang Ha lake... there are also many folk festivals with the charming national character and a lot of the cultural, historical monuments deeply bearing the mark of history and spirit worth as Tay Thien landscape, Binh Son tower, Hai Ba Trung temple, Tran Nguyen Han temple, Dong Dau relics,... Especially, visiting Vinh Phuc province, tourists can’t ignore the very famous travel sights, such as: a wild, mighty Tam Dao mountain in the blurred cloud; a holy, grandiose Tay Thien Truc Lam monastery hidden in the clouded forest of Bavi mountain and a deep-blue, immense and limpid Dai Lai lake...

With a large number of the strong advantages and development potentialities, Vinh Phuc has been striving for establishing a province with enough basic elements of industrial province by 2015; being an industrial province by 2020; becoming one of the service and tourist centers of the region and country, having resorts attaining international standards and having become a Vinh Phuc city by the 2020s of this century. The annual GDP growth rate in the period 2011-2013 was 14-15%/year on an average; in which the growth rate in the period 2011-2015 was 14-15%, in the period 2016-2020 was 14-14,5%. Per capita GDP (the actual price) will have reached 3.500- 4.000 USD by 2015, around 6.500 – 7.000 USD by 2020.



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