Board of Clearing the Ground and Developing the Land Fund




Head- office

Address: Hai Ba Trung street, Khai Quang ward, Vinh Yen town
Tel: 0211.3720.333 - Fax: 0211.3720.333






Head of Board: Tran Xuan Lam

Tel: 0211.3700.368; Email:


Deputy Head of Board: Dao Van Minh

Tel: 0211.3847.989; Email:


Deputy Head of Board: Pham Dinh Thi

Tel: 0211.3712.658; Email:


II. Functions and tasks:


1. Functions


 To support the Provincial People’s committee and leadership of board of clearing the ground and developing the land fund:

a) To cooperate with the related branches about establishing mechanism, policy and regulations of compensating, assisting, resettling, clearing the ground and developing the land fund for the socio-economic development demand of the province;

b) To cooperate with Departments as follows: Planning and Investment Department, Finance Department, Natural Resources and Environment Department; Construction Department to submit the Provincial People’s committee to distribute plans of capital sources, finance fund; to manage the resettlement land funds supporting the assigment of compensation, assistance and resettlement, to clear the ground in the province;

c) To instruct, inspect the implementation of compensating, assisting and resettling, clearing the ground of the district level.  


2. The implementation of rights and obligations:

a. To organize the implementation of measuring, making the cadastral map for management of  land fund and compesation, assistance, resettlement of the ground clearance projects invested by Board; to provide measure serive, make the cadastral map.

 b) To organize the implementation of  compensating, assisting, resettling when the State revoke land; to cooperate with the related State agenices and District People’s Committee  to take the task of clearing the ground and developing the land fund.

c) To make and develope the land fund to auction the right of land utilization or hand over the clean land to organizations, individualities serving th socio-economic development; to serve the eduation-training, vocational training, health, culture, sports, environment and other demands of the local area; to stablize the real estate market;

d) To receive the transference of land utilization right of organizations, households, individualities as legal regulations;

đ) To organize the development of areas, points and settlement housing serving the land withdrawal of projects;

e) To organize the implementation of  investing the construction of infrustructure on the land assigned to auction;

g) To manage the land fund of having cleared the ground, having received the transference, having established and developed; land fund of having set up to serve resettlement and land fund revoked as stupulated at items: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of article 38, law on land of urban area, area having the urban development plan but not auctioning the right of land utilization yet;

h) To sign contract with the property auction organization to implement the auction of land utilization right; to invite bids for projects of utilizing land as the legal regulations

j) To make plan of using the landfund assigned to manage and the investment projects, alternatives, scheme of establishing and developing the land fund submitted the relevant  authorities for decision;

i) To supply service of compensating, clearing the ground; to supply organizations, individuals with information of the investment location, prices of land, land fund as requirements;

k) To co-ordinate soving or petition the competent authorities to solve the questions, complaints of people and organizations about the problems related to the land withdreal, compensation, support, resettlement, ground clearance and development of land fund within the scale and rights assigned.

l) To fulfil the other missions assigned by the People’s Committee of province, the leadership of the ground clearance and land fund development Board.



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