Project Management Unit of Industrial Zones



Head office
Address: No. 38, Nguyen Trai Street, Dong Da ward, Vinh Yen town 
Điện thoại: 0211.3843403 - Fax: 0211.3843407- Email:



Head of Board: Bui Minh Hong

Office phone: 02113.700.777;


Deputy Head of Board: Nguyen Truong Giang
Office phone: 02113.711568;


Deputy Head of Board: Bui Van Quy

 Office phone: 02113.843401;


Deputy Head of Board: Nguyễn Thanh Chính


Office phone: 02113.843.858



B. Functions, tasks


I. Functions:

The management board of industrial zones (Hereafter referred to as the Management Board) is agency directly under the People’s Committee of province, fulfill the function of the State management directly for industrial zones in the province; to manage and organize implementing function of providing the public administrative service and other supplemental service related to the investment, production and trading activities to investors of industrial zones.

The Management Board has been directed, managed about organization, personnel, planning work program and operation expenditure of the Province People’s Committee; to be directed, instructed and inspected professional knowledge by Ministries, Branches managing the related branch and fields at the same time; to take responsibility for co-ordinating closely with the specialized agencies under the Provincial People’ Committee about the management of industrial zones.

The Management Board has the legal personlity, account, seal with coat of arms; expenditures of the State administrative management, non-business activities and development investement capital supplied by the State budget as annual plan.

The head office of the Management Board is located at Vinh Yen town, Vinh Phuc province

II. Obligations

1. To contribute opinons, plan and submit the Ministries, Branches and People’s Committee of province for approval and implementation of following assignments:

a) To contribute opinions to the Ministries, Branches and People’s Committee of province for making the legal normative acts, policies, plans related to the activities of investing, developing industrial zones;

 b) To preside over, co-odinate with the relevant agencies to make regulations of co-ordinating with the specialized authorities under the People’s Committee of province or the relevant authorities to fulfill the assigned rights and obligations as “one door” machenism and inter-level “one door” machenism, submit the People’s Committee of province for approval and impementation;

c) To make programs, policies of promoting the investment of the industrial zone development, submit the People’s Committee of province for approval and impementation;

d) To make the 5-year and annual plans of developing the human resource adapting the demands of industrial zones, submit the People’s Committee of province for approval and impementation;

 đ) To estimate the budget, non-business operation expenses, annual development investment capital of the Management Board and submit the competent agencies for approval as stipulated by law of state budget and relevant law.

2. The Management Board implements obligations as the legal regulations and instructions or empowerment of Ministries, branches and the People’s Committee of province as follows:

a) To manage, disseminate, instruct, verufy, supervise, inspect and penalize the administrative violation of fulfilling regulations, planning, project related to the industrial zones, approved by the competent state agencies;

b) To register investment; to inspect and suplly, adjust, revoke the investment certificates within investment competence of the industrial szones:

c) To issue, reissue, revise, supplement, extend licence of establishing the commercial representative office of foreign organizations and traders headquartered in the industrial zones; to issue the business licence of commodity trading activities and the directly relevant activities of commodity trading for the foregn- invested enterprises and the foreign investors with the first investment in industrial zones, after approved in letter by Ministry of industry and trade;


d) To adjust the specific planning of constrction approved by industrial zone, but not change the fuctions of land utilization and planning mechanism; to reveive documents of the construction investment project, offer opinions about basic design assessment of projects in B,C group in the industrial zone as stipulated by the current laws of construction investment or issue, exend the project construction licences for construction works required the construction licence as stipulated by law of the work construction investment project management; to issue the title-deed certificates of construction work for ones in the industrial zones to the relevant organizations;

đ) To fulfill some the State management tasks of labor force in the industrial zone authorized by the Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs as instruction of the circular No. 13/2009/TT-BLĐTBXH on May 6th, 2009 of the Ministry of  Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs;

e) To issue the origin certifications of commodity in the industrial zone and other relevant licences, certificates, permissions in the industrial zone

g) To confirm contracts, documents of immovable in the industrial zone to relevant organizations;

h) To implement the inspection and approval of reports evaluating the environment effects to investment projects under decision competence of the provincial People’s Committee in the industrial zone.;

i) To check, inspect, supervise the implementation of the investment aims stipulated at the investment certificate, progress of making a financial contribution and fulfillment of the investment projects; to preside over, co-ordinate the verification, inspection of fulfilling terms committed to projects enjoyed  investment incentive and executing the laws of  construction, labor, salary, social insurance for employees, protecting the legal rights for employee and employer, activities of the social, political organizations, preventing, resisting fire and explosion, security – order, preserving ecological environment for projects at industrial zones; to make the decision on saction against administrative violations as per regulations for cases offending against the competent fields and propose the State management competent agencies for solving the violation cases which offend against the incompetent fields;

k) To solve the difficulties, entanglements of investors in the industrial zone and petition the Prime Minister, relevant Ministries, branches and the People’s Committee of province for solving the matters over competence;

l) To receive reports of statistics, finance of enterprises operating in the industrial zone; to evaluate the investment effects in the industrial zone;

m) To co-ordinate with Ministry of Palnning and Investment to construct and manage information system of the industrial zone under competent management;

n) To report periodically to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, relevant ministries, branches and the People’s Committee about the construction and development of industrial zone, such as: to issue, adjust, revoke the investment certification letter; to do execution and activities of investment projects; to implement obligations to the State; to attract and utilize labor; to implement the legal regulations on labor and solve labor dispute and methods of preserving ecological environment in the industrial zone;

o) To hold the movements of emulating, commending and rewarding for enterprises in the industrial zone;

 p) To organize and co-operate with the State management authorities to inspect, check, solve complaint, denunciation, corrupt preventation, dissipation, passivity and solve the administrative violation acts in the industrial zone;

q) To fulfill obligations as stipulated by the law and the People’s Committee of province about managing the assigned finance, assests, budget; to collect and manage the utilization of fees, charges; to do research in science, apply scientific, technological breakthroughs; to co-operate the organizations and individuals at home and abroad about the relevant fields of the construction investment and development of industrial zone; to manage the machenism organization, staff, officials, civil servants and public employees, to train, improve professional knowledge and skills for officials, civil servants, public employees of the Management Board; to introduce jobs to employees working at the industrial zones.

r) To fulfill other tasks assigned by the People’s Committee of province.

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