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Director: Nguyen Duc Tai
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Vice Director: Pham Quang Thang
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B. Position, functions, rights and obligations    

I. Position, functions:   

1. The Project Management Unit of the Project for Investment Climate Improvement in Vinh Phuc Province  uses the official development assistance capital (ODA) of the Japanese government through the Japanese international cooperation bank (JBIC) (Hereafter referred as to the Management Board) directly under the People’s Committee.  

2. English name: Project Management Unit of the Project for Investment Climate Improvement in Vinh Phuc Province.  

3. The project gets the total capital of 110 million USD (ODA loan capital of 93,5 million USD, the provincial corresponding capital of 16,5 million USD). Period of the project fulfillment is from the date of June 6th, 2007 to September 30th, 2017.  

4. The Management Board’s functions are to support the People’s Committee of province to implement project accordingly to the objective, progress, quality and resources of human being and finance stipulated at the project document contracted and obligations according to decisions of circular No.03/2007/TT-BKH on date of March 3rd, 2007 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.  

5. The Management Board has seal, opened account at the State Bank and other commercial banks to support for the project implementation according to legal regulations and the specific international treaty on ODA contracted.  


II. Rights and obligations:   


1. To make plan of fulfilling the project  

a. To make the general and specific annual plans of implementing project (plans of disbursement, estimating expenses, inviting bids, compensating...), in which clearly defined as: 

- ODA capital source; 

- Corresponding capital source of local budget; 

- The progress of fulfilling the general project and component projects; 

- The period of accomplishing the general project and component projects; 

-  The objective of quality, criterion of admitting results of each activity of component project based for inspection and evaluation. 

b. The general and specific annual plans of each component project must be submitted the People’s Committee of province for approval before implementation.  

c. The annual specific plan must be made based on the budget forecast, annual socio-economic plans of province, ensured the progress of fulfilling program, project according to the specific international treaty on ODA contracted.  

2. To manage the process of preparing and implementing project  

The management of preparing and implementing the investment project is done according to the current decision of managing the investment and construction of works, accounting for some particular requirements for ODA programs, projects (emigrant, resettlement, the ground clearance, assessment of climate effects, and evaluation of social effects...) based on ODA international treaty and agreement contracted with the sponsor.  

3. To implement activities of bids and manage the contract  

- To implement task of inviting bids suitably with regulations of law and sponsor on inviting bids; 

- To negotiate and sign contracts with consultants, construction contractors, and contractors of supplying equipments and technical services; 

- To manage the implementation of obligations stipulated at the contract signed with sponsor by the competent person (in aspects of progress, quantity, quality, labor safety and environment hygiene). To follow, inspect, evaluate activities and results of contractors. To solve in time for the arising problems in the process of implementing contracts under competence; 

- To organize the implementation of checking and taking over product; to complete the payment and settlement according to the legal regulations. 

4. To manage finance, assets and disbursement  

To manage finance, assets and implement procedures of disbursement   according to the legal regulations and suitably with sponsor’s stipulations. 

5. Assignments of administration, adjustment and responsibility of explanations  

To organize office and manage staffs of the Management Board; 

To establish the internal information system, assemble, classify, store all original information, documentation related to projects and the Management Board according to the legal regulations; 

To supply the accurate and truthful information to the agencies of the law protection, check, inspection, audit, sponsor, mass communication agencies and individuals related within the scope of obligations and responsibilities assigned, excepting information limited to popularization as stipulated by law; 

To be representative as authorized by the People’s Committee of province for civil transactions within the representative scope stipulated at this Status and other authorization documents of the People’s Committee of province; 

To be a focal point agency of the People’s Committee of province and other project participation agencies to contact the sponsor about relevant matters in the process of implementing the project; 

To be a focal point agency with the functional units of province, the relevant units participating in activities of the project; 

To prepare for the People’s Committee of province to popularize the content, organization, progress and budget of programs, projects to local authorities, elective agencies, and the social, political and non-governmental organizations at the project area.  

6. To inspect, evaluate and report the status of implementing the project  

a. To hold the evaluation of the Management Board’s activities; 

b. To inspect, evaluate the status of implementing the project, in which: 

To make a report of actual implementation status as regulation; to supply, share information through national system to follow, evaluate ODA projects; 

To hire consultant to evaluate the beginning, middle, end of period as contents of the feasible report or project documents approved; to be connection of coordinating with the sponsor or the competent management authorities to evaluate programs, projects.  

7. To check and take over, hand over; final finalization of project  

To prepare for the People’s Committee of province to check and take over, hand-over the completed project to the direct management and utilization units as regulations to operate, exploit and utilize. 

To make reports of completion and final finalization of project within period stipulated at item 3.5, article 3, clause III of circular no. 03/2007/TT-BKH issued on March 12th, 2007 by the Ministry of Planning and Investment.  

 8. The particular tasks  

Apart from the above-mentioned tasks, the People’s Committee of province has specific authorized decisions for the Management Board to sign documents within the competence of People’s Committee of province: 

- Based on the content, scale and nature of project and ability of the Management Board, People’s Committee of province authorizes the Management Board to sign documents within its own competence in the process of the implementation management as: negotiation of signing contracts of consultancy, equipment, construction, insurance of works, work, other economic contracts related to the project, to check and take over the work, to hand over the work. 

- To fulfill the international treaties of ODA contracted with the sponsor. The Management Boars supplies services supporting investors and investment promoters of province, specifically as follows: 

a) To supply investors in Vinh Phuc province free of charge;  

b) Services of supporting procedure for issuing investment certificates; 

c) Services of connecting and supporting of logistics for investors;

 d) After-services of issuing the investment license; 

đ) To hold the dialogues among groups of investors (according to nationality, territory, investment area...) and People’s Committee of province in order to focus on solving difficulties, troubles that investors meet; 

e) To promote investment (focus on Japanese enterprises); 

g) To execute the co-operative plan with cities of Japan about attracting investors of auxiliary industrial fields coming to invest at Vinh Phuc, to build model of a complex of medium and small-sized investors; 

h) To co-ordinate with the Foreign Investment Agency – FIA (Ministry of Planning and Investment), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to upgrade the ability of attracting and managing investment; 

i) To co-ordinate with the relevant authorities and branches of province to solve investors’ problems, complaints in the process of production and business activities at Vinh Phuc. 

9. The Management Board fulfills other tasks within the project scope assigned by the People’s Committee of province.


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